Meeting the Highest Wheelchair Safety Standards

Safety is very important to us.

Honestly, safety is a big deal for any vehicle manufacturer or modifier.  Not only is it simply in a company’s best interest to keep customers as safe and protected as they possibly can, but there are actually quite a few safety laws that must be met before a vehicle can be sold.

For wheelchair van manufacturers such as Rollx Vans, the safety standards are actually even higher.

Not only do the vans have to meet the standard codes that every other van has to meet, but there numerous additional codes and specifications that wheelchair accessible vans have to meet.  But simply saying “we follow a bunch of safety codes” doesn’t really mean much unless you know what those codes are.

So today, we wanted to highlight just a few of the actual codes we follow.


Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (or RESNA) is an organization dedicated to promoting health and well-being to all people with disabilities by increasing access to technology solutions.

They have been around since 1979 and have over 1000 members.

The list of things they do is incredibly extensive.  We recommend taking a quick visit to their website here for the full lowdown on RESNA.

One of their specialties is certification programs.  These include certification for everything from technology professionals to safety standards.

What RESNA Standards Affect Us

In regards to Rollx Vans, the RESNA certifications that affect us have to do with wheelchair safety and securement in a vehicle.  More specifically:

RESNA WC-4 Wheelchairs Volume 4: Wheelchairs and Transportation

  • Section 18: Wheelchair tiedowns and occupant restraint systems for use in motor vehicles
  • Section 19: Wheelchairs used as seats in motor vehicles
  • Section 20: Wheelchair seating systems for use in motor vehicles

Rollx Vans has three different securement options for our vans.  In these instances, a person’s wheelchair is acting as their car seat.  To insure that they are safe and secure, Rollx Vans must meet the specific quality measurements for these three sections of the RESNA standards.

We’re happy to say that we do and are therefore RESNA certified.

We apologize if this post comes off a bit technical.  We simply want to make sure our customers understand that a Rollx Van is as safe as they come.

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