Morph Wheels: A More Portable Wheelchair has been created

There are many reasons why vans are the most popular choice of transportation for wheelchair users.

Particularly wheelchair vans.

One of those reasons is simply because wheelchairs are particularly portable.  Even wheelchairs that fold can take a lot of space thanks to their wide wheels.  But what if you could fold the wheels too?

That’s a question that engineer Duncan Fitzsimmons set out to answer.  And answer it, he did.

Reinventing the Wheel

While a graduate student at the Royal College of Arts in London, Fitzsimmons had the idea of making bicycle wheels that could be detached and folded up.  Since many cyclists detach a wheel or two when parking their bike, the idea had huge potential.

The trick was creating a wheel that was both easy to remove and fold up, yet tough enough to support a cyclist.

After some trial and error, Fitzsimmons succeeded in created the Crossbreed, a full-sized bicycle wheel that could be folded flat.  The wheel caused a huge splash, appearing on news outlets across the globe.

Eventually, Fitzsimmons dreams of creating an entire bike that can fold up and be placed in a backpack.

In the mean time, his innovation had another direction to go.

Making Mobility Solutions More Mobile

It didn’t take long till consumers in the wheelchair market took notice of Fitzsimmons invention.  The idea of increasing wheelchair portability is very appealing to many people.

Certainly if these wheels could work for a bike, they could work for a wheelchair, right?

The answer is yes.

They’re called “Morph Wheels”.  While the construction is slightly different, the basic engineering is ultimately the same.  The wheels can easily be detached from the sides of the chair, and folded in half.

When they’re expanded and locked onto the chair, they are very strong and secure, able to safely support 265 lbs.  The best part?

They’re currently available on the market!

You can purchase Morph Wheels through from the website.  If you are interested in purchasing a pair of foldable wheelchairs, or you would simply like to learn more about the product, click here.

Also make sure to check out the video below.

Are foldable wheelchairs something you’re interested in? What else could foldable wheels be used for?

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