Power Tie-Downs are the Safest Way to Ride in a Wheelchair Van

All tie-down options for wheelchair vans will keep you safe and secure while in transit. Power tie-downs are a widely popular option in handicap vans because they are easy to use, will secure a wheelchair faster than any other tie-down and are the safest option on the market in many applications.

How Do They Differ from Other Tie Downs?

Standard tie downs act like seat belt extensions that hook to the floor, firmly securing wheelchairs and riders in place. Although safe, some users struggle while securing the wheelchair in place, and the securements tend to leave errant straps that can get in the way.

Power tie downs have no straps, belts or buckles to deal with. Their simple yet secure design is by far the easiest way to protect a wheelchair and rider during transit. The securement is mounted to the floor of the van and works by attaching to a rod that is placed at the bottom of the wheelchair. The rod automatically latches to the base and is kept safely in place, keeping the wheelchair just as secure as a traditional car seat. A lap and shoulder belt are also provided to keep riders securely in their wheelchair.

Easy Release

When it is time to disembark, the wheelchair can be released from the floor attachment in two different ways. A power option is mounted to the dashboard, allowing the wheelchair to be released with the press of a button, and a manual release is also located on the floor attachment itself.

Get Your Power Tie Down Today

Besides increased safety, ease of use and quicker securement times, power tie downs are also the only option for those who wish to drive their wheelchair van. So, if you plan on one day driving your vehicle, contact Rollx Vans to have a power tie down installed today.

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