Six Year Old Buys Wheelchairs for Those in Need

How old do you have to be to help people with disabilities?

Not very old according to Zack Francom of Provo Utah.  When Zack was just 6 years old, his school was having a fundraiser.  The plan was to raise money in order to buy wheelchairs for people who need them.

But Zack didn’t want to just put money towards a wheelchair.  He wanted to buy an entire wheelchair himself to give away.

Upon returning home from school that day, six year old Zack told his mom about his great plans.  In order to provide a wheelchair himself, Zach would have to raise $86.  His mom had her reservations, but promised her son that they would do their best.

What was their game plan?

The old-fashioned lemonade and cookie stand out front.

A Story of Success

$86 seems like a lot of money to raise from a lemonade stand, and yet, by the time the fundraising period was over, Zack had raised the money to purchase a wheelchair for someone in need.  A first grade student provided an entire wheelchair to someone!

But for Zack, that wasn’t enough.  He wanted to give more.

So he increased his operations.  Figuring if he could raise money for one wheelchair in that short amount of time, surely he could raise more money for more wheelchairs.  The next year, he raised enough money for 15 wheelchairs.

But still that wasn’t enough.

So last year he raised enough money to purchase 21 wheelchairs.  It should also be mentioned that the cost of the wheelchairs went up to $147 per chair, almost double what they were the first year.

This year, Zack and his mom will be baking over 300 cookies consisting of different types like peanut butter, chocolate chip, snicker doodle, and more.  It’s reached the point where many people in the area have heard of “Zack’s Shack” as it’s called.

They come from all over the city to buy cookies, donate money, and simply be inspired by this now 9 year old boy’s philanthropy.  Click the video below to see Zack share his story.

About this Story

Rollx Vans, a leading manufacturer of new wheelchair vans, loves to share stories of people going above and beyond the call of giving.  If you have a story of someone helping others in need, please contact us or comment below.

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