Solving the Problems Wheelchair Users Have with Jeans

Jeans: they are comfortable, stylish and work great as both casual and work clothes. They are essentially the “everyday pants” that are perfect for any occasion, that is, unless you are a wheelchair user.

While many people see jeans as just a great article of clothing, wheelchair users recognize them as the source of many problems, including:

  • Uncomfortable waistlines
  • Small pockets that are hard to access
  • An obstacle to using the bathroom
  • A chore to get on and off

This begs a very simple question: if we can create something as complex as accessible vans, then why can’t we figure out how to make clothing both accessible and stylish?

While there are accessible options, they are limited, which is why it’s always great to see a young designer put the time and effort into creating a new line of adaptable clothing.

Introducing Alter Ur Ego Jeans

Heidi McKenzie, a young designer and entrepreneur, was involved in a car accident that left her a T4 paraplegic in 2007. Since then, she’s been on a mission to stay positive, motivate others and give people greater access to adaptable clothing options.

That’s why she created her own clothing line, Alter Ur Ego, which has found success thanks to Heidi’s talent and numerous Kickstarter supporters.

Her line of jeans has a host of features that make it more friendly to wheelchair users, which include:

  • A high, elastic waistline, making the jeans more comfortable to wear and easier to slip on.
  • Larger pockets that are simpler to access while seated.
  • Pull tabs that make the jeans easier to get on.
  • A catheter opening for those who need it.

But these features are only half of the main selling points. The jeans also look really great, making them as functional as they are stylish.

According to the Alter Ur Ego website, there are also kids, teens and plus sizes for those in wheelchairs coming later on in 2016.

We hope that more young people in wheelchairs will continue to be inspired by people like Heidi!

What do you think of the Alter Ur Ego brand? Let us know, by commenting below!

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