The Most Sophisticated Wheelchair You’ll See: Carbon Black

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Wheelchairs can be cool and stylish, right?

But can they still be comfortable, usable, and practical as well?

The Carbon Black is giving form and function a new meaning to wheelchairs.

This ultra lightweight wheelchair has a total weight of 8.5 kg (18 lbs, 11.83 oz) is made out of Carbon fiber, making it the most energy efficient manual wheelchair to be created.

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon Fiber is a lightweight fiber made out of carbon and is commonly combined with various composite materials. Majority of the Carbon Black is made of Formula 1 composite carbon fiber.

Benefits of Carbon Fiber:

  • Strength to weight ratio is astonishing
  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Provides a smoother ride by absorbing bumps
  • Material is smooth unlike typical wheelchairs that leave black marks
  • Provides a slick, sophisticated design that looks more like a work of art

Carbon Black Design & Features

The Carbon Black is a monocoque construction made with the strongest chair possible. It uses the least amount of components possible, making the seat the key part of the structure. It has a rounded design that makes it easier for car transfers and making it easier than ever to get into vehicles equipped with handicapped van conversions.

Wheelchair users don’t want their wheelchair to define who they are, which is why the Carbon Black has a very unobtrusive design in order to show more you and less of a wheelchair.

This allows wheelchair users to use a wheelchair without it interfering with their lives, but also giving them the support they need. The carbon construction is custom made for each customer’s size size and requirements.

The modular design is not only designed with quick release so parts can be detached quickly with ease, but is also clear of any visible cables.

The disc braking system locks the hubs of both wheels simultaneously using one layer. These wheels are also made of almost all carbon fiber and are available in a variety of push rim shapes. In addition to this, oil is not required because of it’s dry bearing technology.

The adjustable backrest is minimal, but still offers better support than typical wheelchair backrests. It’s also breathable and water-resistant, making it easy to use no matter what the weather might be like.

The footrest is designed to give wheelchair users feet a more natural and comfortable resting position. It also includes an optional foot angle adjuster for additional comfort and easy anti-slip adjustment.

About the Designer: Andrew Slorance

Founder and designer of Carbon Black, Andrew Slorance broke his back at 14 years old from falling out of a tree that he was climbing, leaving him paralyzed from a spinal cord injury.

Andrew felt like becoming a wheelchair user that the wheelchair robbed him of his identity. This led to his dream to invent the perfect chair by recreating the wheelchair.

The development of Carbon Black became reality after taking 6 years to fund and develop.

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