Spirit in Motion: The 2012 Paralympic Games

That is the Paralympics’ motto, written to encapsulate everything the Paralympics stand for.  Spirit is defined as the principle of conscious life.  It is what proves a person is living.  The Paralympics exist to show the spirit of a select group.

Right now, the 2012 Paralympics are taking place in London.  Athlete’s with various disabilities are competing for the gold.  These are people in world class shape with immense skill.

But more importantly, these are people with stories, individual tales of how they got to where they are.  This official video below gives a small glimpse into how real and intense some of those stories are.

As implied by the motto, the Paralympic Games is a chance for people to prove that they are indeed alive.  That they have what it takes to compete in front of the entire world.  Many of these are people were athletes without any disabilities.

Then something happened.  A car crash.  A severe injury. A medical abnormality.  Suddenly, everything they knew was taken away.  Other competitors were born the way they are.  Neither group is better or worse off.

But both were probably told they wouldn’t be able to do what they do.

Yet here they are, playing against each other on a global stage.  Representing their country.  Representing themselves and everyone who ever believed in them.

The 2012 Olympics may be over but the Paralympics are still going strong, and they are just as engaging.  The stakes are just as high.  And honestly, they’re probably even more inspiring.  So watch the Paralympics.  Read about the people competing in them.  And find out what “Spirit in Motion” really is.

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