Starting North Carolina State Player Saves Fan in Wheelchair

Upsets are like time bombs waiting to explode when the countdown hits zero.

Last weekend, North Carolina State was playing the top-ranked Duke in men’s college basketball.  As the final seconds were winding down, victory was certain for the underdogs at NC State.

Final score: 84-76.

As the buzzer was still ringing in the air, the fans and students of NC State flooded the court to raise up the players who had just won the game.  Leading the charge was Will Privette, an NC State student and wheelchair user.  Behind him was the student body president, pushing him as fast as he could.

Everything seemed great until someone else was pushed into Privette’s chair.  Next thing he knew, he was tumbling to the ground as the mob of people continued to run past him and step over him.  His glasses had fallen off and his phone went sliding out of his hands as he was helpless to stop the people quickly surrounding him.

It was in this moment  that senior forward C.J. Leslie noticed Privette on the ground.  He quickly rushed to Privette’s side, yelling as loud as he could for people to stop and move away.  Without hesitation he reached down and hoisted Privette up, not knowing what condition his classmate would be in.

To Leslie’s surprise, Privette simply began cheering and celebrating.  And so, the two began to cheer together.  Leslie did finally return Privette to his wheelchair before being lifted up by the crowd himself.

Eventually, the crowds and hysteria died down.  As the court floor cleared, Privette remained to personally thank the starter for saving his life.  The whole ordeal meant a great deal to William Privette.  A huge fan of NC State, he hadn’t missed a game all year.  Now because of this incident, he’s developed quite a connection with C.J. Leslie.

We think it’s pretty amazing that Leslie noticed this happen in the midst of all the pandemonium.  The fact that he fought through the crowds to help someone in need is a great example others can follow.  To see a clip of the two students on the Today show, click the video below.

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