P.C. from Hamilton, TX

I hate shopping, especially for cars. It was true serendipity that put Rollx in my sights when I needed to buy a proper handicapped accessible vehicle. Dealing with internet sites that dangled possibilities with no prices unless I first answered 100 questions, took 3 surveys and gave a credit card had really set my teeth on edge. Enter Steve Strain and Rollx. What a marvelous experience! Steve answered all my questions, supplied answers I didn’t even know to ask for, and genty guided me through the selection of a base van – a 2016 Chrysler Town and Country with just the right bells and whistles – and then through the details of what levels of conversion would meet my needs now and later. Mainly I wanted a van that did all the work for me. Independence is a big thing, so automatic doors, lift, everything had to be there for me. I even specified a certain type of tie-downs and got them. It took several phone conversations, not necessarily all business, because we are both interesting people who like to talk, emails and photos to settle on the specifics, but it went as smoothly as a big river flowing to the sea. At no point did I feel I was being “sold to”; rather I worked well with a knowledgeable person to find an excellent fit. Financing was very straightforward and a better deal than my bank offered. The van was into conversion as soon as I returned the paperwork and Steve sent me photos and progress reports [of my little van in pieces! Oh my glory!] and gave me a firm shipping/delivery date. Rollx’s man in Texas, Dustin Seelye, then braved holiday traffic to bring it to my door, run me through the operation and satisfy me that I had chosen well on all fronts. Overall, Rollx has my ringing endorsement for service, customer satisfaction, quality product [that is one stout conversion, absolutely suited for any level of handicapped service] and wonderful, real people. 5 very sparkling stars.

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