The Difference Between Handicap Vans and Standard Vans

What’s the big deal about handicap vans?  How much different are they?  These are common questions first time buyers ask.  If we weren’t experts at producing the highest quality handicap accessible vans out there, we’d probably ask the same things.

The idea is simple enough.  A Rollx Van is a factory made vehicle redesigned to accommodate a person with disabilities.  The process is more involving than one might think.  It’s more than simply bolting on a ramp and switching out a seat or two.  Rollx alters the entire function of the van itself, creating a vehicle fully designed to meet the needs of a customer.

Because Everyone’s Needs are Different

Handicap vans can vary quite a bit.  For starters, there are minivans and full-size vans.  A minivan will generally feature remote sliding doors and an automatic side-entry ramp.  Since minivans are shorter, the floor is lowered and various parts of the undercarriage are redirected.

Fully-Size vans require a lift and provide a bit more room to move about.  Full-size vans also come with more optional choices, allowing for greater customization.  Both types of handicap vans provide a number wheelchair securement options including manual tie-downs, retractable tie-downs, and power tie-downs.

A Safer Ride

The changes made to handicap vans aren’t simply aesthetic.  The suspension is altered and reinforced to compensate for the added weight.  Each vehicle as a whole must pass a special list of engineering requirements before we deem it road worthy.  These requirements are much stricter than those of a typical vehicle inspection.

On top of that, there is the crash testing.  Each van meets the highest standards.  All of this is done to make sure Rollx Vans aren’t simply accessible, but as safe as possible.

At Rollx Vans, we believe it’s important to know that our customers are getting more than just a van.  They’re getting a product that was built and engineered specifically for them.

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