The Problem with Craigslist Handicapped Vans For Sale

Rollx Vans Craigslist Handicapped Vans for sale

Started in 1995 as a simple email distribution list, Craigslist has become a great way to sell unwanted items, find jobs, and of course, buy things for a sometimes unbelievably low price.

But as popular as it is, Craigslist has also been a source of controversy time and again.

Questionable services are consistently offered.  Both buyers and sellers have been attacked, mugged, and even killed during their sales exchanges.  As for the physical objects that are up for sale, buyers always take a leap of faith when purchasing them.

Particularly with motor vehicles.

Used Wheelchair Vans For Sale By Owner on Craigslist

Cars can be found for a great price on Craigslist.  There’s no denying that.  However, there’s also no way to gauge the quality of the vehicle itself.  A person looks at some pictures, goes for a quick test drive, and that’s about it.

From there, you have to take the seller’s word for it.

he truth is, people who sell secondhand wheelchair accessible vehicles on Craigslist have no accountability. Once you buy a vehicle from them, you will probably never see or hear from them again.  If you find out something is terribly wrong with the car you just purchased, you’re stuck with it.

That’s not to say the majority of people on Craigslist are out to get you.  Many are just looking to sell fast and maximize personal profits.  And for a standard car, that’s usually fine.  But when you’re looking at wheelchair vans, it’s completely different territory.

Difference Between a Craigslist Wheelchair Van For Sale And a Rollx Van

When a handicap van is for sale on Craigslist, it’s probably being sold as is. There’s no inspection of mechanics and wiring.  No safety tests are done.  If something is on the verge of breaking, the seller probably doesn’t even know.

Like any machine, the mechanics of a wheelchair van have a limited life span.  Typically, it’s shorter than the life of the van itself.

That’s why we do a full equipment inspection before we sell used wheelchair vans.  Every part is tested and examined.  If it’s breaking down, it gets completely replaced.  Speaking of replacing things, we also rip out the old carpet and replace it with brand new carpet, leaving you with a fresh, beautiful interior.

We think that’s a little better than a quick vacuuming job.

Safety Matters

The safety of our vans is guaranteed.  The quality of our products, even used, is unmatched.  We’re never looking for a quick sale.  We’re looking to build lifelong relationships with our customers.

If something does go wrong, we offer warranty protection with service shops across the nation.

For those looking to sell their wheelchair van, we can help with that.  We take trade ins and used vans.  By passing your van on to us, you can rest assured that the next owner will have a quality vehicle that they can depend on.

And that leaves everybody happy.

Do you have any interesting Craigslist stories?  Have you considered buying a wheelchair van on Craigslist?

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