To Healthy Living! (National Nutrition Month)

Did you know March is National Nutrition Month?

There’s probably a good chance you did not.  After all, with all the different national days and national months there are, it can be hard to keep track of everything.

But now you do know, so you can join us in living a better, healthier life.

Better Living

Rollx Vans is devoted to help people live a better life so we think National Nutrition Month is a fantastic idea and a great excuse to start eating a little bit better.  Unhealthy eating has an effect on everyone.  America is a country that struggles with obesity and various health related issues ranging from Type 2 Diabetes to lung cancer caused by smoking.

Eating better can help you live longer, give you considerably more energy, and ultimately empower you to contribute more to society.

And for many, healthy eating can do even more.

Staying Strong

For certain conditions such as ALS, eating right can actually help slow the loss of abilities and control.  By getting the right vitamins and proteins, a person with ALS could live up to three times longer.

For more on ALS and proper nutrition, you can visit a very informative page on the ALSA website here.

Join Us

Think about what you are eating.  Talk about what you are eating.  Maybe the reason many of us eat unhealthy is because we never stop to consider what we are putting into our bodies.  There may be entire food groups you’re missing out on.

And most of us could probably go with a little less junk food (and probably a little more water).

The healthier you eat, the healthier you will be.  Why wait to change your eating habits till you have to?  It’s only going to be harder then.

Start now.  Celebrate National Nutrition Month!

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