Uber Wheelchair Accessible Transportation Options

Recently, Uber announced UberWAV, a transportation option for disabled and wheelchair ridden riders. UberWAV allows customers to request a ride by a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible.

What is Uber?

Uber is a mobile application made to make transportation easier for everyone by allowing you to request a ride by taxi, private car, or rideshare. In other words, it’s an on-demand car service with a touch of a button. Uber works by connecting taxi drivers to passengers and is know to be a better, faster, and cheaper option versus a typical taxi. Customers are able to use the app to choose their level of service depending on the type of vehicle. A price is then quoted to them with the option of paying cashless before they are picked up. The app also provides more convenience by arriving in minutes and allowing customers to track the vehicle that they are waiting for.

Uber is based in San Francisco, California, but is available in more than 40 countries and 100 cities worldwide.

What is UberWAV?

As Uber is constantly expanding transportation and accessibility options, they now have the option to request a wheelchair accessible vehicle in New York. When booking a ride through the Uber app on your mobile phone, the WAV option can be selected and it allows one or two wheelchair riders per vehicle. A variety of  vehicles like handicapped vans are equipped with ramps, such as caravans, Mercedes Sprinters, and Ford minibuses.

How Much Does Uber Cost?

Costs vary for each ride, depending on the type of vehicle that is requested. Besides the big Ford minibuses that have a base fair of $14 and $25 minimum trip cost, the rest of the rides have an approximate base fair of $7 and minimum trip cost of $12.

As of right now, the outer boroughs of New York City are the only places where uberWAV is available. This includes The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and in Manhattan.

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