We’re Building a New Rollx Vans Website!

We’d like to make a pretty big announcement:

We have a brand new website coming out!

This isn’t just a fresh paint job; we are building from the ground up, and the new site is designed specifically with you in mind.  For Rollx Vans, our website is our product catalog and our storefront.

It’s incredibly important that:

A. People can find what they are looking for.

B. They feel welcomed by it.

It’s actually something we’ve been working on for quite a while, going through multiple drafts to ensure maximum quality.  Simply put, we know how much our website means to you, so we are treating it with the greatest importance.

What’s Changing

The new website is a much more modern and elegant design.  It’s being assembled by an expert web design and marketing company called Radiate Digital. Based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Radiate Digital has done design and web marketing for all sorts of businesses across the nation.

And they’ve pulled out all the stops for our new site.

Get ready for a much more user-friendly layout.  Buttons are bigger, the homepage is much less crowded and big icons with pictures highlight the most important areas.

With the new site, it will be much easier to find your way from the homepage.  Of course, we know most people are heading to the inventory.  That’s we we’ve complete overhauled the look of that as well.

The new inventory design features bigger pictures so you can see what the vans look like as well as numerous sorting options so you can find exactly what you are looking for.  The individual vehicle pages will do a great job of showcasing the van itself.

It’s about as familiar as you can get with a van without seeing it in person.

What’s Not Changing

The Rollx Vans brand, logo, and colors are all remaining the same.  The Rollx Vans brand is associated with great customer service and quality and we have no plans of abandoning that.

Also, our inventory will remain the same, great inventory that it’s always been.  After all, when you have the nation’s largest selection of new and used wheelchair vans, why wouldn’t you want to keep it that way?

We Want Your Help

If you are a Rollx Vans customer or simply someone browsing for wheelchair vans, we would love to hear your feedback.

What would you like to see in a website?  Are there any features we are currently missing that would help you?  What features should stay the same?

We want to hear your opinion because we are making this website for you.  Help us make the wheelchair van buying experience better.  And keep a lookout for the new site!

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