Wheelchair Bowling: A Game for All to Enjoy!

When someone brings up wheelchair sports, the first two that spring to mind are typically wheelchair basketball and quad-rugby (affectionately dubbed murderball).

But the truth is there are a lot more sports out there that are quite popular among people in wheelchairs.  For example, wheelchair bowling.

It’s All in the Throw

Bowling is a game of form and accuracy.  From the stance to the spin and follow through, a great bowler must learn to balance power with precision.  Where you start, where you finish, and even what shoes you were; these are all factors in the game of bowling.

It might not be the most physically demanding of games, but it’s one that utilizes the entire body.  And that’s why bowling might not spring to mind when you think of wheelchair sports.  In truth, wheelchair bowling is actually quite popular.

So how does it work?

The Rules of Wheelchair Bowling

Wheelchair bowling actually works very similar to standard bowling.  The same balls, pins, and lanes are used.  Scoring is done the same.  A gutter ball is a gutter ball.

Truthfully, the only real difference is the lead-in to the throw.

In traditional bowling, the thrower stands back by the first set of floor markers, steps towards the lane while bring the ball back, and rolls the ball forward upon reaching the foul line.

In wheelchair bowling, the bowler begins at the foul line and throws the ball from there.  The bowler is not allowed to wheel up to the line while bringing their ball back as stopping in time could be difficult, not to mention dangerous.

Instead, wheelchair bowlers lean to either their right or their left, bring the ball back, and roll it down the lane.   Pretty simple, right?

What If You Can’t Throw the Ball?

Some people in wheelchairs are unable to bring the ball to the side of their chair and throw it.  For these bowlers, there are special ramps and other equipment that allow them to aim and roll the ball down the lane.

However you need to play, there are many opportunities for bowling out there.  To learn more about the game or find a tournament near you, visit the American Wheelchair Bowling Association website here.

Maybe this is just the sport you’ve been looking for!

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What’s your highest bowling score?  Was that with or without bumpers? Be honest….

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