Wheelchair Halloween Costumes for Kids

It’s October! Just like everyone else, we are already planning our costumes for this Halloween. Some of them are simple, while others are a bit more, shall we say, involved.

It never ceases to amaze us how far people will go for a good Halloween costume, and this definitely applies to the wheelchair-using community. Some of the amazing things we have seen created stretch the limits of ingenuity and imagination.

There is nothing better than seeing the face of a young child light up when they see their wheelchair made into something spectacular. Just ask the founders of Magic Wheelchair, who set out each year to build the most intricate and imaginative costumes for children. Over the years, they have created dozens of wheelchair Halloween costumes for kids.

Just take a look at their video here.

Our Costume Ideas for Children

Our wheelchair van engineers are skilled with building and repairing our vehicles, but they have never tried to build something as amazing as the folks at Magic Wheelchair. Nevertheless, we have decided to put our heads together and come up with some great wheelchair halloween costumes for kids this year.

Go Retro

If you or your child have a love for the original NES plumber in red, transform your child’s wheelchair into a brilliant Mario Kart. For bonus points, make up a mini turtle shell or give them a few bananas.

If you were more into Cabbage Patch Kids as a child, create a neat box outline that allows your child to transform into the retro styled doll.

Build a Vehicle

As a wheelchair van company, we can’t help but resist the urge you to transform your child’s wheelchair into their dream vehicle. Two option that you can go with are an ice cream truck or even Cinderella’s carriage.

Get Really Creative

If your child wants to be something completely original, as opposed to dressing up like their favorite character, you really need to put your brain to the test. Try transforming your child’s wheelchair into anything you can think of. Perhaps a DJ or a beehive.

What types of wheelchair Halloween costumes have you made for your child? Let us know by commenting below!

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