Wheelchair Van Buyer’s Guide: An Introduction to Buying a Wheelchair Van

Wheelchair van must have features

For some, choosing a vehicle is easy.  If it runs, and it’s cheap, then that’s enough for them.  But most people’s tastes tend to be a bit more complicated.

Obviously the working condition of the car is important for everyone outside of mechanics and such.  Price is usually a bit of a factor as well.  Then there is all fuel economy, the year of the car, the mileage on the car, what company it’s made by, what kind of the service history the vehicle has.

And let’s not forget options and aesthetics.  The color of the car, what kind of interior it has, and whether or not the vehicles has features like heated seats and a sunroof.  Indeed there are all sorts of things people look for when purchases a vehicle.

It quickly becomes less about needs and more about wants.  Things they would like the car to have.  Sometimes the wants can even take precedence over areas that the consumer probably needs (like affordability, reliability, fuel economy, etc).

But when you’re buying a wheelchair van, needs are always number one priority.  It affects the entire buying process.  And so, over the next few weeks we’re going to go through the buying process step by step

Topics to Be Covered

Come back to the Rollx Vans blog to see guidance on topics such as:

  • – New Handicap Vans vs. Used Handicap Vans
  • – Used Vans with New Conversions vs. Used Converted Vans
  • – Choosing Between Full-sized and Minivans
  • – The Makes and Models Available
  • – The Different Ramps and Securements Offered
  • – And More!

While there is certainly room for personal tastes and preference, much of this guide will focus directly on helping you figure out your must-have features in a wheelchair van.  This post will link out to the other articles as they go live.

Stay tuned!

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