Wheelchair Van Hand Controls for Handicapped Drivers that are Easy to Use

Rollx Vans hand controls for handicapped drivers

Hand Controls For Handicapped Drivers

Wheelchair van hand controls are an essential addition to handicap vans that are going to be driven by wheelchair users. They make it both safe and easy for many people with disabilities to drive their vehicles, and they allows wheelchair users to regain a lot of their independence by putting them behind the wheel of a vehicle that they can pilot on their own.

A Safe Way to Drive

Hand controls allow wheelchair van users to safely pilot their vehicle without the use of their feet. The controls are easy to use and operate just like gas and brake pedals. Using your hands, users will have the same control over your car as a standard driver.

Once users have been evaluated by a professional, we will be able to determine which hand control device will work best for their needs. This will provide users with the maximum comfort and safety when driving your handicap van.

A Great Fit for Any Vehicle

Because the technology has been around for decades, wheelchair van hand controls can be installed in most vehicles with little to no problems.

Best of all, they do not interfere with the original driving setup. A standard driver can still pilot the car using the pedals even after the hand controls have been installed. This makes it easy for any member of the family to drive the vehicle even after the alterations have been made.

Easy to Use

Although hand controls are generally mechanical, they are also available in electronic and pneumatic setups that make it easy for people with limited strength and range of motion to use.

We do recommend training by a certified driver evaluator for safe operation.

In time, operating hand controls will become second nature. They can even be adjusted to fit your specifications during the final steps of the installation process. No two people are the same, so no two installations are alike. That’s why Rollx Vans takes great care to make sure that you are completely comfortable with your vehicle before you drive it.

If you are ready to take control of your mobility, don’t hesitate to ask Rollx Vans about your options for wheelchair van hand controls.

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