ABC’s “On the Hunt for Handicapped Parking Cheaters”

Handicapped parking is called handicapped parking for a reason. No, it’s not just for new handicap vans to park. Handicapped parking spots are meant only for those to with disabilities that own their own placard registered to them.

Many people abuse disabled parking, making these spots unavailable for those that really need them.

Unfortunately, this crime that worsens every year.

In order to address this issue, California DMV undercover investigators decided to watch for people abusing disabled parking in Los Angeles. They caught numerous drivers parking in spots near Runyon Canyon to go hiking that were specifically reserved for those that are handicapped while ABC News catches them on camera.

How do they explain themselves when caught in the act, you might ask? Let’s take a look.

The first investigation is of 2 women going on a hike. The SUV was parked in handicapped spot for one hour until the driver and passenger returned, being guilty as charged. The driver responded with saying the placard belongs to her husband who is handicapped, while her passenger continues to run off.

What’s wrong with this picture? Well, the passenger needs to be with the driver when using a placard.

Another investigation was of a young, athletic man who was using his grandfather’s placard that was registered to an older male. His excuse? He said “I didn’t know that” in response to the officer asking if he knew that using someone else’s placard was illegal. He also continues to fight with the police saying trying to justify that it was okay for him to park there.

So what happened? The placard was confiscated, so his grandfather will now have to reapply for a new placard.

In another investigation, a man came up with the excuse that he was picking his grandmother. The police followed him to the house he claimed to be his grandmother’s house only to find out it’s not her house and he wasn’t picking her up. He ended up turning back to finally admit the truth.

The excuses are endless.

What could happen when someone is caught misusing a placard?

  • Placard confiscated
  • Fines anywhere from $250-$3,500
  • Jail time
  • Community service hours

What to Do if You Witness People Abusing Handicapped Parking

Report them to This site wants to change people’s bad habits. Their site explains themselves by saying “our organization does not issue tickets, but raises awareness and hopefully shames offenders into paying for their parking meters and leaving designated spaces for the truly handicapped.”

You can watch the entire segment of ABC’s “On the Hunt for Handicapped Parking Cheaters” below.

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