Adaptive Sports: Rock Climbing

Being stuck inside all winter long is no fun for anyone, no matter their situation. But, when that also means that you’re not able to get the exercise your body needs, because you don’t have adaptive equipment at home, it’s all that much worse.

Luckily, on days when you are able to get out and travel around town in your wheelchair van, especially now that we’re headed into warmer spring time weather, there’s many different ways you can get that valuable exercise.

One of these many ways is through adaptive sports. And, this adaptive sport feature is perfect for winter days, where you don’t want to spend much time outdoors.

Introducing adaptive rock climbing.

Adaptive Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a popular sport that places a focus on strength training, flexibility, and balance. More than that though, it requires strategy, planning, and focus. Plus, it’s a fun sport to try a few times or participate in on a regular basis.

And many wheelchair users may think they’re not able to participate in the sport due to either a lack of strength or a lack of motion. But, adaptive rock climbing uses assisted climbs and special pulley systems to make it possible!

Where to Climb

Organizations like Catalyst Sports located in Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Chattanooga, and Knoxville are making adaptive rock climbing a possibility for people with all abilities.

At Catalyst Sports, they host adaptive clinics and climbing events at various rock climbing wall facilities. They use climbing assists on either side of an adaptive climber whenever possible, but also take advantage of pulley systems to assist wheelchair users in making their climb a reality.

In this video, they explain a bit more about their organization and what they’re trying to accomplish:

Have you participated in an adaptive rock climbing event before? What was your experience like? Comment below to join the conversation about this amazing sport!

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