Airline Seat Designed for Travelers with Mobility Limitations

Spending time with family and friends during the holidays is special. It’s a time for laughter, joy and the making of lifelong memories. However, traveling to see your family and friends isn’t always the most enjoyable experience and can be a real pain.

While there has been technology advancements for handicapped vans, the same can not be said of airline travel for wheelchair users.

That was true, until now.

Air Access Design

Earlier this year the design for a fixed airline aisle seat that’s compatible with a detachable wheelchair was unveiled at London’s design museum.

The intended purpose for this design is to allow a seat that wheelchair users can transfer into at the gate with or without assistance, then be able to use the power chair to get to and slide directly into their assigned seat.

That purpose can be achieved by the power seat’s ability to slide horizontally into fixed airline seat frame and become the same as every other seat on the plane.

Because the chair is designed in this way, the airline will be able to use it as a seat for either wheelchair users or non wheelchair users.

The Future of Airline Travel

In the not too distant future, we will begin to see a shift in demographics as the baby boomer generation continues to retire. It’s possible we will also see an increase in the number of wheelchair users.

If this happens, there’s a huge possibility that airline travel will decline as many wheelchair users do not want to deal with the discomfort that comes with this type of travel. Airlines will need to adapt, change and hopefully provide a way (such as the air access design) for each of their passengers, including wheelchair users, a way to be comfortable from departure to destination.

What features would make airline travel more comfortable for you?  Do you foresee airlines making this type of upgrade? 

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