An App’s Helping Put a Stop to Parking Violators

We see it much more often than we’d expect to: vehicles illegally taking up the accessible parking spaces in front of convenience stores, at big shopping malls and even within lots for clinics and hospitals. It’s easy not to say anything to the violator. Sometimes it’s even easier to simply look the other way. But, does that make it any less wrong?

Some members of the disability community are on a mission to prove that violators have an impact not only on parking availability, but the health, safety and well-being of the disability community. They’re doing this through an app called Parking Mobility.

Introducing Parking Mobility

Parking Mobility is an interactive app for Android and iOS devices that serves two main purposes. The first is that it allows users to find accessible parking locations anywhere in the world, so drivers of van conversions are able to find parking spots in locations they’re unfamiliar with. This includes additional information like the number of spots and ramp access details and costs wherever applicable.

But, the app’s main purpose is to bring awareness and action upon violators of accessible parking. Users can do this by simply taking three photos of the illegally parked vehicle, and submitting them with the app. Then, the team at Parking Mobility will submit the information to the appropriate city and the violator will be towed.

Making Waves

The team at Parking Mobility has made a commitment to take action against parking violators within two minutes of receiving submissions. They’re taking their grassroots efforts, tackling the problem of accessible parking head-on and becoming a part of the solution.

Their goal through this initiative is to change the behaviors of the community through the necessary enforcement to correct the issue at hand.

What do you think of the initiatives set forth by Parking Mobility? Have you used their app or plan to? Let us know your opinions and experiences in the comments below!

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