April is National PVA Awareness Month

They say that there is no greater love than for one man to lay down his life for others.

Because of that, we believe that veterans deserve a lot of respect.  The battlefield is a dangerous  place where the stakes are life and death.  Many veterans return home injured and even paralyzed.

Readjusting to day to day life can be a serious challenge.  That’s why Rollx Vans partners with Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA).

PVA is an amazing organization that provides support, care, and opportunities to veterans who have been often severely injured in the line of duty.  While they’re always very hard at work, this month they are working overtime.

That’s because April is National Paralyzed Veterans Awareness Month!

Paralyzed Veterans of America Awareness Month

Every year, the month of April is devoted to helping veterans with disabilities.  For the year of 2013, the theme is “The Big Push for Progress”.  They want to empower our wounded heroes to thrive and overcome the daily challenges they face.

To help bring awareness and make this push, events are happening across the country.  To find an event happening near you, visit the official website here!

This is a great opportunity to give back to a group of people who have given so much to secure the freedoms you enjoy every day.  For more information and ways you can get involved, click here.

About Paralyzed Veterans of America

PVA is a nationally recognized organization devoted to supporting veterans with spinal cord injury or dysfunction.  This year they are celebrating their 67th anniversary.  The organization hold 34 chapters and 61 National Service Offices across the United States.

If you would like to find the chapter nearest you, visit the official PVA website here.

Rollx Vans has a strong passion for helping veterans with disabilities.  In fact, that is how Rollx Vans was originally started.

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