Buyer’s Guide Bonus Tip: Everything About Used Wheelchair Vans

Wheelchair accessible transportation

In the last segment of our “Wheelchair Van Buyer’s Guide”, we talked about used vans vs. new vans, laying out the advantages of both.  New vans obviously allow for more personalization, greater selection, and better protection/superior reliability.

On the flip side, used vans provide a quality product at a reduced cost.  We don’t deny that a wheelchair van can be pricey for some.  That’s why we offer flexible financing options to our customers.

It’s also why we offer a great selection of used vehicles in the first place.

Meeting a Need

There was a time when used wheelchair accessible transportation was very hard to come by.  To find one, you would have to track it down at used car lots and ordinary dealerships. The selection wasn’t great, and often, you were lucky if you found any in your area. area.

But lack of availability wasn’t the worst problem.

When a dealership purchases a used car, they usually give it an inspection, fixing or adjusting little things here and there.  While they are fully qualified check the engine, brakes, and overall workings of any given van, the wheelchair accessibility options are something else entirely.

Because wheelchair vans are almost entirely re-engineered in some areas, many mechanics and dealers didn’t even know what to look for.  Parts might not have been maintained, ramps might have needed replacing.

The conversion process of a wheelchair van is quite complex, and it’s something that should always be inspected by actual wheelchair van manufacturers.  That’s a big part of why we began taking in and reconditioning wheelchair vans in the first place.

In fact, we were one of the first companies to start offering and maintaining an inventory of used wheelchair vans.

More Than “Used”

Calling one of our pre-owned vans “used” is a bit of an understatement.  When we take in used wheelchair vans, they go through an extensive reconditioning process.  If parts need to be replaced, they’re replaced.  Ground effects are touched up and typically replaced.  And on every used van, the carpet is torn out and replaced with brand new carpet.

As far as the wheelchair equipment is concerned, everything is either new or as good as.

Which is great for people looking to buy a used wheelchair van.  It’s can also be great for people looking to buy a brand new wheelchair van.  If they have a used wheelchair van, they know they can take it to us and trade it in towards a new one.

That’s a win for all parties involved.

But We Don’t Just Take Used Wheelchair Vans

We can take normal used minivans and full-sized vans as well.  Typically we convert brand new vans straight from the manufacturer into wheelchair vans.  But often we also convert used vans into wheelchair vans.  As long as the van is in decent condition and is a convertible model, we should be able to work something out.  Call our wheelchair van dealership with any questions you might have!

If you currently have a standard van but need a wheelchair accessible van, we can solve all your problems and you won’t even have to switch vehicles.  We think that’s pretty special.

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