Customer Spotlight: Michael “Doc” Milligan

Doc Milligan Receiving his Wheelchair Van from Rollx

Doc’s Story

Doc Milligan has been a proud member of AVAST (Assisting Veterans of America Support Team) for 8 years, two of which he has been the Vice-President of the organization. He is also a member of the Amputee Color Guard, where he proudly carries the American flag.

Doc had been a single amputee (on his left leg below the knee) for many years. Last September, Doc became a double amputee when he developed an infection in his right leg, which was amputated above the knee. Due to the spread of the infection, doctors would later have to amputate higher on his left leg, eventually taking it all the way up to his hip.

This left him without the ability to walk or drive.

Gaining Independence

When we started working with Doc, he was eager to learn how to drive with hand controls and to once again have a reliable method of transportation. He did not, however, have the necessary financing that he needed in order to obtain a vehicle.

Our team was able to help Doc obtain financing for his wheelchair van, and he is now the happy owner of one of our vans.

Doc’s smile is guaranteed to make anyone happy, and we are so glad that we were able to help him.

Drive safe, Doc, and best of luck to you down the road!

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