Duct Tape Surfing: It’s a Real Thing

When boys go surfing together, the last thing they probably want is for their mom to tag along.  But that’s not the case for two brothers in Australia.  In fact, they let their mom ride the waves right alongside them.

Their friends are perfectly okay with it.  Actually, it’s because of their friend Tyron Swan that’s she able to surf in the first place.  You see, Pascale Honore (the boys’ mother) surfs by having herself duct taped to Tryon’s back.

From the Wheelchair to the Waves

Pascale was driving her new car when she turned too sharply and thrown onto some rocks by the road.  Right away she knew something was wrong when she couldn’t feel her legs.  The doctors soon informed her that she was a full paraplegic, leaving her without the ability to use her legs ever again.

Readjusting to her life was difficult at first.  Soon, however, she adapted to her new life.  She found joy in watching her sons from the shore as they surfed.  It was then that her sons’ friend Tryon got an idea.

A confident surfer, he figured why not just duct tape her to his back and let her ride with him.  If they balanced it out right, he only really needed to adjust to the added weight.  And so, that’s exactly what they did.

Strapping her legs to his legs and her torso to his torso, Pascale rides right along with him as he glides across the water on his surfboard.   Seeing it in action, it doesn’t appear to affect Tyron’s form or movements at all.

As for Pascale, she couldn’t look happier as she catches waves.

But They’re Not Stopping There

Now that they’ve been surfing together for a while, they’ve started looking for other activities to tackle.  Recently, they went diving with great white sharks!  Considering they’re just getting started, it makes you wonder what they will do next.

Whatever it is, you can expect us to write about it here on the Rollx Vans blog.  If you want to see the surfing duo in action, click on the video below.


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