EagleEyes Enables Users to Use Computers with Their Eyes

1 in 50 people are living with paralysis (according to a study by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation).

That’s approximately 6 million people.

Paralysis not only causes only mobility issues, but often also causes children and adults to have difficulties with communication, learning, and interaction.

The EagleEyes Project has created a device to help those with paralysis and/or the inability to speak by using eye movement. This eye controlled technology has been developed by Boston College, which has partnered with The Opportunity Foundation of America in order to develop EagleEyes.

EagleEyes Technology

EagleEyes provides independence for communication and learning by using muscular eye movement in order to control programs on a computer. EagleEyes is changing the world for those who are unable to speak or use their hands. It gives those with paralysis or the inability to talk a way to express themselves and accomplish things they could never accomplish before.

How it works

The technology allows eye movement to take the place of the mouse. Wherever the eyes look is where the mouse goes and when the eyes stop for a certain amount of time, the mouse will click. In order to indicate eye movement, five surface electrodes are placed on certain parts of the head and measures muscle movement in the eyes. Then a battery-powered electrophysiological amplifier is used to get everything connected to a computer. A computer program is used for the eyes to control the mouse by translating signals between the electrodes and the computer.

How it’s made an impact

Hundreds of systems have been distributed and used across the nation to homes, schools, and organizations.

How to apply for EagleEyes

In order to acquire your own EagleEyes system, you can apply online.  If selected, you will be contacted for an evaluation to try out the system.

The Opportunity Foundations of America will determine if EagleEyes is right for you and follow up with scheduling a 4 hour training session to ensure that you are comfortable with using it the system correctly.

Who knows, maybe one day people will be able to drive wheelchair vans with their eyes.

Have you or anyone you know used EagleEyes or a similar system before? How was the experience? Would you recommend this to anyone? Share your comments!

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