Extreme Sports for Wheelchair Users

Extreme sports.

These sports are made specifically for adrenaline junkies. The people who love to feel that rush when they just don’t know if they will complete the move they’re trying to pull off. And, the additional rush of joy they feel when they do fully pull it off.

They aren’t for just anyone. They take a special kind of individual that have a passion for competing in the danger zone.

But, did you know that wheelchair users can compete in extreme sports?

They can!

In fact, wheelchair users are able to compete alongside traditional skateboarders and BMX riders in events around the United States.

The Specifics to the Sport

Wheelchair Motocross (WCMX) is a sport that’s quickly gaining popularity amongst the younger crowd of wheelchair users and breaking down stereotypes that wheelchair users have limits.

WCMX is very similar to BMX, but with four wheels and a chair instead of just two wheels and a bike.

WCMX riders use ramps and rails, and complete jumps, slides, and even do flips. They do this with the assistance of a specialty wheelchair that can handle the abuse of a skatepark, and lots of practice.

The Chair

While some WCMX moves could be completed using a standard wheelchair, a specialty chair is suggested for competing and completing many moves required by the sport.

The specialty chair is made up of lighter weight materials, has a full suspension frame that protects the user’s legs, racing shocks, and Spinergy Wheels.

Take a Look

Here’s a peek into the extreme world of wheelchair motocross:

Now, that you’ve had a taste of what it’s like, are you ready to try the sport out? If you are, and are in need of transportation to your first event, check out the handicap vans we have for sale. Then, get ready to ride!

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