Frequently Asked Questions about Rollx Vans’ Handicap Accessible Vans

Buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle

Purchasing a vehicle can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t need to be.

If you’re looking to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle, chances are you’ve run across a few questions you wanted answered.

To save our customers some time, we put together a handy list of the most commonly asked questions our sales team receives from new and existing customers.

What kind of vans does Rollx Vans convert into handicap accessible vans?

Rollx Vans converts the Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country, Volkswagen Routan, and Honda Odyssey minivans. We also convert the Ford Econoline, Chevy Express and GMC Savanna full-size vans.

Is the original manufacturer warranty still valid after a vehicle is converted?

Yes, the manufacturer warranties are still valid. In addition, Rollx Vans warranties the structural and mobility equipment. Extended warranties are also available on select vehicles.

Does Rollx Vans take trade-ins?

Yes, Rollx Vans does take trade-ins on both already converted handicap accessible vans and on unconverted vehicles.

How does Rollx Vans deliver their vehicles?

Rollx Vans offers multiple delivery options for you to choose from including:

1. We can transport the vehicle to one of our technicians in your area and they can deliver it to your house.

2. We will pay for you to fly to Minnesota and pick up your vehicle.

Do you have financing options for the vans you sell?

Rollx Vans works with select, reputable financial institutions to offer long-term (up to 10 years for qualified buyers) and short-term options. Our wheelchair van financing department offers professional service, fast credit approvals, competitive interest rates, flexible down payment requirements and repayment terms of up to 120 months. We also have minimum 30-day interest rate protection available.

Are there additional funding sources available?

Rollx Vans can help you locate both private and public funding options in your area. Rollx Vans will also work directly with Veterans Administration, state and county agencies, and other third party groups on your behalf.

What are the seating configuration options on a Rollx Van?

The standard configuration on the Rollx Vans conversions has removable driver and passenger seats, an open center area in the vehicle and a back bench that seats 2-3 people. Rollx Vans offers 6-way transfer seats and all major wheelchair securement products on the market.

How are Rollx Vans’ handicap accessible vans serviced?

If your wheelchair accessible van ever needs repair work, Rollx Vans offers three convenient options to  get you back on the road. These options include the following:

1. Have a Rollx Vans technician come out to your home and work on your van. Rollx Vans is the only handicap vans manufacturer in the United States that offers at-home service in many areas.

2. Have a Rollx Vans customer service representative help you find one of our many preferred service shops in your area. This includes

3. Have a Rollx Vans customer service representative work with your local repair facility.

For more frequently asked questions, visit the FAQ page on our website. Don’t see your question? Comment with your questions below and we’ll get you your answer!

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