Full Size Conversion Van And Wheelchair Lift Van Options

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At Rollx Vans we strive to give our customers the widest variety of vehicles. In fact that is part of our Rollx Vans promise.

We also make it our mission to provide the largest number of customization options to choose from in our industry. That is why we offer conversions for multiple models of minivans and full-size vans, and various ways for each van model to be converted to fit each customer’s needs.

In previous posts we have shared information about each of the different models we carry, our tie downs and securements and even our in-floor and fold-out ramp options. Now, we would like to share more information about our two full-size wheelchair lift van styles.

Wheelchair Lift for Van

Our lifts are created specifically for full-size van conversions. They can be used on any new or used model for the full-size vans we convert. These include the Chevy Express, GMC Savana, and the Ford E-Series vans.

The lift is located through the side door of the vans, and at this point the van doors do need to be opened manually prior to operating the lift with our remote control. However, once the doors are opened it is a breeze for wheelchair users to operate the lift and get into place inside the vehicle.

One feature that our customers love about the full-size vans, is they provide much more space for wheelchairs to move around and additional seating for family and friends.

Wheelchair Lift Van, Options

Option One: the double post lift

The first option we have available for full-size van conversions is the double post lift (shown above in silver) which is attached as a side entry platform. This lift has the highest maximum weight rating at 800 pounds and the wheelchair user is able to sit as the driver or a passenger in the middle or back of the van. This option is available with either the raised roof or lowered floor option that all full-size Ford E-Series have.

While this lift provides the highest weight rating, the double post van wheelchair lift is the less popular version as it blocks wheelchair access to the front passenger area. This means there are less seating configuration options for the wheelchair user.

Option Two: the single post lift

The other option is the single post lifts (shown above in red). This is the most popular lift option for our full-size van conversions, as it provides access to all areas of the van for the wheelchair user. This lift also uses the side entry for the lift.

This type of lift can be used for either a raised roof or lowered floor full-size model. However, the maximum weight rating is only 600 pounds, so it may not be an option for all wheelchair users.

Are you looking to purchase a full-size conversion with a new or used wheelchair lift van? Call us today and speak to one of our sales team members. We will be able to go over what we have available in-stock, learn more about your unique van needs, and start customizing one of our full-size vehicles just for you!

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