GO Gloves Add a Bit of Comfort to Wheelchair Movement


Winter is a great time to get a new pair of gloves, but for the wheelchair-using community, gloves are more than something that keep a person’s hands warm.

They are a source of comfort for the very way a wheelchair user moves. Constant contact with the wheels of a chair can result in pain and discomfort, which is why a good pair of gloves is invaluable to wheelchair users who move around a lot.

Check out the new gloves made by this design company.

They Are Called the GO Gloves

Created by Layer, a London-based design company, the GO Gloves are the second wheelchair innovation by the company. They originally created the GO Wheelchair, a stylish, 3D-printed wheelchair that perfectly fits to the user’s body.

Now, they are looking to complement their futuristic wheelchair design with a pair of gloves that are as stylish as they are useful.

GO Gloves are no ordinary gloves. They are made specifically with wheelchair users in mind. The gloves are made to resist the strain that comes with self-propelling a wheelchair. They increase the grip wheelchair users have on their wheels while delivering a more powerful push. At the same time, they also reduce the pain and discomfort that comes with constant contact between a wheelchair’s wheels and the user’s hands.

Check them out on Layer’s website.

They look comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. It even looks like wheelchair users can continue to wear them while driving their handicap vans.

As of now, there appears to be no date for when they will hit the market, but we look forward to seeing how much they will cost and how well they will work.

What do you think of the GO Gloves and wheelchair? Are you interested in getting a pair? Join the conversation by commenting below!

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