Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Wheelchair Users

Thanksgiving is over and December is here.  The countdown to Christmas (and Hanahakkuh) has begun!  Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy.  You want to surprise the person, but also get something they’ll actually enjoy and use.


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If you have a family or loved one who uses a wheelchair, you might not know what sort of items they’d want or use.  Of course they’d enjoy many of the same things you would: movies, games, clothes, candy, etc.

But for those trying to be a little more creative, we’ve put together a list of simple items that many wheelchair users would love to find under the tree.

Insulated Boots or Gloves

If they live somewhere cold, a good pair of boots and gloves is a must have for a wheelchair user.  With their limbs constantly exposed to the elements, they need to make sure they stay warm.  Many don’t have feeling in their feet and can’t tell how cold they are.

That’s why a a pare of warm boots is the perfect gift.

A Travel Bag or Utility Bag

There are a lot of options out there for bags that can be attached to the back or sides of a wheelchair.  This will allow them to store books, magazines, snacks, a tablet, and more.  Find one that’s stylish or one that’s fun.  Whatever you think fits them best.

A Good Pair of Headphones

Sure, this is something anyone could enjoy, but we still think it’s important.  If they’re a music listener or they like to watch stuff on their phone or tablet, buy them a quality pair of headphones.

Too many people just keep using the stock headphones that came with their smartphone.  These are typically cheap, uncomfortable, and provide inferior sound quality.  Look around and find a better option, whether it’s noise isolating, bass heavy, in-ear, over-the-head, or something else.

Wheelchair Umbrella

The name says it all.  If they don’t already have one, a wheelchair umbrella is a great gift that will keep them dry once the spring showers begin.

E-Z Grabber

An E-Z Grabber is a great way to give your loved on some additional reach.  There’s a variety of sizes out there, so you can find one that’s perfect for them.

Winter Friendly Gifts

A few weeks back, we posted about some great items that can help wheelchair users prepare for winter, from ponchos to snow tires.  Click here to check out that post and find some additional ideas.

Something for Their Wheelchair Van 

Wheelchair vans need love too.  If they use a wheelchair van to get around, you can buy them some new décor for that, whether it’s something simple like floor-mats, seat covers, and automatic carwash tokens or a bigger gift like a new set of tires or rims.

The Best Gift You Can Give

Of course, the greatest gift you can give is simply giving your time and attention to a person.  So this holiday season, carve out some extra time from your busy and spend it with your friends and family.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us at Rollx Vans.

Have any gift suggestions that we missed?  Share them below!

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