A Guide to Wheelchair Ramp Van Options

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Wheelchair Ramps For Vans And Handicapped Ramps For Vans. Learn About Wheelchair Ramp Van Options.

One of the most important components to a wheelchair ramp van conversion isn’t just the special features or the different seating options available, but the piece that makes everything come together.

The ramp.

Van ramps are key for allowing a wheelchair user to easily gain access to the interior of a converted vehicle. And, without them, converted vehicles just wouldn’t make as much sense.

Our minivans come with two different van ramp styles, that are both manufactured in-house as part of the conversion package, we put together a quick guide to options for wheelchair ramps for vans.

The folding ramp

Our folding ramp has been around for more than two decades. The folding van ramp sits upright next to the passenger side door of our vans and can be lowered and raised with any one of the four one-touch options each of our vans have. The folding ramp also has one manual override.

The folding ramp can be used on van conversions for the Dodge or Chrysler models that Rollx Vans converts.

The in-floor ramp

Our in-floor ramp has been used in van conversions since the mid-90s. This type of ramp can be used on any minivan that Rollx Vans converts including Dodge, Chrysler and Honda. It comes with four one-touch options for retracting the ramp and two options for overriding the ramp. Plus, it completely disappears once it’s been retracted.

Which option is better?

Each type of wheelchair van ramp has pluses and minuses depending on your needs for your specific van. For example, the folding ramp blocks one door of the van until it’s lowered, so it’s not always ideal if you’re wanting to access both sides of the van frequently.

Really, neither ramp is better or worse. Both van ramps are covered with a slip-resistant material and wheelchair tracks that assist with traction and keep the ramp free from debris. It all depends on what your specific needs are.

For more information about our ramps for vans and to see them in action, check out this video:

Do you have an accessible ramp for your van? What features do you like about it? What other questions do you have about ramps for wheelchair vans?

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