Handicap This!: You’ll Laugh. You’ll Cry. You’ll be Changed.

There are many shows out there to entertain people.  They seek to make you laugh, to excite you in a way that lets you relax.

There are also variety of speakers who aim to open your mind and change your perspective.  Whether they tell a story that makes you tugs at your heart or share some shocking statistics that motivate you to make a difference, their presentations can occasionally be heavy handed.

And that is why it’s so rare for something to be entertaining and thought provoking.  The goals of each almost seem to be at odds with one another.

Yet there is a show which many critics are saying accomplishes both.

It’s Called “Handicap This!”

Handicap This! is a live stage production that opens people’s eyes to the possibilities within their own life.

The stage show is based around true events of two men:  Mike Berkson and Tim Wambach.

Mike Berkson is an inspirational speaker, soon to be author, and founding member of Handicap This!  He was also born with Cerebral Palsy.  Doctors told his parents he would never be able to talk.  By the age of 3 and a half, he had completely proved them wrong.

Tim Wambach joins Mike on stage as the other main performer in Handicap This!.

Prior to being with the show, Tim was a counselor for 13 years at a summer camp for special education students.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech/Communication.  In 2010, he published a book entitled “How We Roll” which details his friendship and history with Mike.

Together with a team of talented producers, organizers, managers, and performers, they travel across the nation raising awareness, putting a stop to ignorance, and entertaining people.

The show has received rave reviews from Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, the Star Tribune, and more, all saying it’s a must see that will both inspire and make you laugh.

Check here for showings coming near you.

Rollx Vans and Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a term that applies to a group of motor conditions that cause physical disability in human development.  The exact affects of CP can vary greatly from person to person.  Nearly one million people are affected by CP in the US alone.

Rollx Vans, nationwide seller and manufacturer of handicap vans, partners with UCP (United Cerebral Palsy) to help raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy.

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