Have a Used Wheelchair Van? Trade it In

At Rollx Vans, we never let a van go to waste. While you can turn your vehicle over to a junkyard for a few pennies or try selling it on Craigslist, why not trade it in and buy one of our new, or less used, wheelchair vans from our huge fleet?

Even if your current wheelchair van is from one of our competitors, like MobilityWorks for example, we will still accept it for credit towards one of our vehicles.

Why Would We Do This?

Because we believe that you deserve to have a top-of-the-line wheelchair van at the best price possible. At Rollx Vans, we are not only selling quality vehicles, we are selling a means of independence for people with disabilities.

The cost of wheelchairs and other mobility devices can add up. We want to reduce that cost to you in any way that we can.

We’ll Even Throw in Some Amazing Customer Service, for Free

Our team has one focus in mind: you. The reason we get up every morning and come to work is the interaction have with our customers.

We make sure to design our vans specifically with your needs in mind. No one here will try to upsell you on additional features that you neither want nor need. If you need something, just tell us. We will do everything we can to make it happen.

Our Service Doesn’t End After the Sale

Even after you’ve traded in your old van for a newer model, we will help you with everything from van pickup or delivery to maintenance and service.

Our delivery options include pickup at our location or at-home delivery to your residence. If you choose to come pick up the van yourself, we will pay for your travel expenses to get here. Otherwise, one of our friendly technicians will bring your purchase right to your home or office. They will even show you all the features that your new wheelchair van has to offer.

Our service still doesn’t end there.

If anything ever goes wrong with your vehicle, whether it is within warranty or not, our service technicians are on it. They will either come to your home or set you up with a preferred service shop in your area. No matter where you live, they will be there to tend to your van’s needs as they arise.

Buying From the Manufacturer

Our team at Rollx Vans is the only mini and full-size van manufacturer who sells new and used wheelchair vans direct to you without the fear of being upsold or getting poor service once the deal is done.

When you buy directly from the manufacturer, you are getting a van that meets the highest standards of quality, engineering and safety. Every single one of our vans is taken through a strict reconditioning and conversion process. We even replace the carpet.

If you have a used wheelchair that you want to trade in for credit, even if it comes from a competitor like MobilityWorks, Rollx Vans is the place to go. Just let us know what you need and we will make it happen.

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