Hidden Wheelchair Lifts Provide Unique Access to Inaccessible Buildings

We talk a lot about accessibility, both on and off our blog and social media channels. You’ve heard us talk about it before and you’ll probably hear us about it again. We talk about it because we know that for many people accessibility is an ongoing issue.

It’s not just an issue with the availability of a wheelchair accessible vehicle for wheelchair users, it’s getting access to businesses, homes, and even sidewalks in various communities.

One company is looking to change the way people in wheelchairs can access buildings that simply don’t have enough space to comply with accessibility regulations.

The Sesame Access Solution

A company based in the UK is looking to change the way wheelchair users can access buildings that just don’t have the room to make accessibility an option.

Sesame Access was created in 1996 by Charlie Lyons. His friend’s wife (a wheelchair user) was having problem accessing certain buildings around London. As an engineer by trade, Lyons loved solving problems and creating new solutions through inventions.

The first Sesame Access lift was installed that same year. Since then, the company has installed more than 80 lifts in the UK and Europe alone.

How Sesame Access Works

The accessible solutions company offers two different types of lifts: the retracting stair solution and the platform only solution.

Retracting Stair Solution
The first solution Sesame Access offers is a retracting stair system. This hidden solution looks like a normal set of stairs until a wheelchair user requests access.

Then, the stairs retract and reveal a lift that can be used by a wheelchair to reach the next level with the simple touch of a button.

Platform Lift Solution
The platform lift system can be installed next to a set of stairs, and acts much like an elevator would, but for a shorter distance.

For more information about Sesame Access, check out the video below or visit their website.

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