It’s Not Too Late to Join STEPtember

Have you ever thought about how many steps a person takes in a day?  Many average around 3000 steps.  Of course, ‘steps’ look different for a lot of people.  For some, a step is basic walking.  For others it can be running or biking or moving around in their wheelchair.

For those with cerebral palsy, they often have the ability to walk, but each step takes greater effort.  Each step may cause them pain or leave them exhausted.

A lot of able-bodied people take their daily steps for granted, and that’s why United Cerebral Palsy holds a yearly campaign called STEPtember.

To make sure every step counts for something.


What is STEPtember?

STEPtember is a campaign held every September (get it?) to raise funding and awareness for those with cerebral palsy by issuing a challenge.

A challenge to take 10,000 every day.

You can take these ‘steps’ however you wish.  But there’s more.  People are able to form teams of four with someone acting as captain, allowing them to have a greater impact.  When you sign up, you’re issued a pedometer (though you can use your own if you wish).  At the end of every day, you enter the number of steps you took in that day.  People are able to track their progress, see what their best days are, and if they wish, even compete with their fellow teammates.

You can get friends and family to sponsor you either by pledging to donate a specific amount per step or a total amount overall.   Many hold their own events like walkathons, races, biking trips, and more.  The important thing is that you let the world know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and you try to have a little fun in the process.

How Can I Get Involved?

You can get involved in STEPtember by visiting the STEPtember website and signing up today!  Though the event started on the 2nd, it goes through the end, so there’s still time!

How Can I Track My Steps?

Upon signing up, you will have a pedometer mailed out to you.  However, if you want to get going right away, you can always buy your own pedometer or similar device.  Smartphones also have apps available (many come preinstalled with one) that track your steps and movement.

About UCP

United Cerebral Palsy is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness, providing assistance, and driving research for cerebral palsy.  Rollx Vans, a leading provider of wheelchair accessible vans, partners with organizations like UCP in hopes that better treatments, and hopefully one day a cure, can be found for conditions such as cerebral palsy.

To learn more about cerebral palsy and the effect it has on people, visit the official UCP website here.

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