Keep Your House Clean With Wheelchair Socks and Slippers

Winter is approaching quickly, which means that people will be shelving their sandals and flip flops in favor of warmer footwear. It’s also the season of heavy socks and slippers,which are great for your feet, but what about your wheelchair? Doesn’t it also deserve to have its tires protected from the elements outdoors?

Unlike your wheelchair van, your wheelchair goes wherever you do, including inside and all over your house. Unfortunately, that also means whatever dirt and grime your chair’s tires pick up while outside will inevitably end up all over the floors of your home. It’s a mess that can be annoying to clean up, and stopping to meticulously clean off your tires every time you go to enter your home can take up even more of your time.

That’s why a good set of wheel covers are a great thing for any wheelchair owner to invest in. They slip on easily over your tires when you get inside, stopping them from leaving tracks of dirt all over your carpet and floors.

But what about the caster wheels? They are just as capable of picking up dirt and debris from outside and tracking it all throughout the house.

Something New Based Upon Something Old

Now, the concept of wheelchair tire covers aren’t anything new, but your primary wheels aren’t the only set of tires on your wheelchair.

That’s why Lithuanian doctor and designer, Eugene Emmer, designed a product that can cover the caster wheels on your chair just like tire covers do for your primary wheels. He calls them wheelchair socks.

His company, Rehadesign, sells the wheelchair socks on their website, and also sells a variety of wheelchair tire covers, which they refer to as wheelchair slippers.

A Simple Idea That Solves a Simple Problem

“Last year after receiving an angry email from a disappointed customer who could not see the point of covering the back wheels and leaving the front wheels uncovered, I had a Eureka moment,” Dr. Emmer has said.

The simplest solution can also be the best solution for many problems, and these simple little socks can make life easier for people who want to keep their house clean. Although the wheelchair products company is based in Lithuania, their wheelchair socks can be purchased online and delivered worldwide.

What do you think of wheelchair socks? Would they be useful for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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