A Look Back on Wheelchair Technology in 2016


Every year, we see technology take another big leap forward. From virtual reality to driverless cars, smart watches and more, we’ve seen a lot of neat, new gadgets surface. In 2016, we also saw a lot of new prosthetic and wheelchair technology brought to consumers. We even saw a few new wheelchair vans brought to the market.

Many of these things we have written on throughout the year, so we decided to compile a list of some of the best wheelchair-related technological advances that happened this year.

Here are the top 10 wheelchair technology advancements of 2016:

New Wheelchairs

Rowheels: Rowheels, Inc. received a million dollar investment. Their product, the Rev1 is a new type of wheel that propels wheelchairs forward when the user pulls backward on the wheel. Read more about Rowheels.

Model M Wheelchair: The Model M wheelchair gained FDA clearance. This simple looking but complex wheelchair design uses all directional technology to make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and over rough terrain.  Read more about the Model M wheelchair.

Paralympic Wheelchairs: 2016 was a year for the paralympics, and BMW created a great wheelchair design for American athletes. Read more about the paralympic wheelchair design.

Self-Driving Wheelchairs: Could your wheelchair pilot itself one day? If this robotics company continues its research, this may be the case in the future. Read more about self-driving wheelchairs.

Custom Fit Wheelchairs: This 3D-printed wheelchair is designed to be stylish and sleek. This company scans your body to custom fit a wheelchair to your specific body type and size. Read more about custom fit wheelchairs.

SafariSeat: The SafariSeat wheelchair is specifically designed to traverse rough outdoor terrain, and this company is bringing it to the people of Africa. Read more about SafariSeat.

IntelliWheels Easy Push: Just like the gear system on a bicycle, this wheelchair system allows users to travel uphill with ease. It can be easily installed on and removed from many wheelchair models. Read more about IntelliWheels Easy Push.

Have you seen any great wheelchair technology that is in the works? Share it with the community by commenting below!

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