Minnesota Man Invents An All-Terrain Wheelchair

As the Spring season gets underway and temperatures begin to rise all over, people tend to come out of their winter hibernation to enjoy the great outdoors.

While it’s no secret that traversing rocky and muddy terrain can be tricky for a person in a standard wheelchair, technology has a way of making every task a breeze. What if there was a way for you to easily glide over all sorts of terrains, even shallow water?

The Action Trackchair/Trackstander

After spending thirty years in the recreational motorsports industry, a Marshall, Minnesota native, Tim Swenson put his talent to the test when he decided to create a wheelchair that could be used when hunting, hiking, fishing, going to the beach, and more.

Using his son, who is in a wheelchair, as a source of inspiration, Swenson set out to invent a new type of chair for people with disabilities. The fruits of his labor led to a few patents and eventually, a few models of wheelchairs for outdoor use.

The Action Trackchair is an all-terrain wheelchair with treads that are built for a tank. The chair is controlled by a joystick, similar to other electric wheelchairs, and is able to traverse over uneven and rocky terrain, sandy beaches and even shallow waters and streams.

The Trackstander is a similar build to the Trackchair but instead of staying seated, the rider remains supported in an upright position (simulating the posture of a person while walking).

Imagine being able to pack up your all-terrain wheelchair into your disabled vehicle and head out for an outdoor adventure anytime that your want. Whether it be hiking, hunting or fishing, you can enjoy the great outdoors in a variety ways.

Business is Booming

Swenson’s business is not only turning heads while garnering well-deserved attention and praise, it is also selling chairs at quite a clip. To this day, the company has produced and sold over two-thousand chairs across the country.

But Swenson’s drive doesn’t stop at selling chairs. His company has also teamed up with Fox News commentator, Bill O’Reilly to raise money and provide some of the outdoor wheelchairs to wounded veterans over the past year.

It’s people helping people that truly makes a business successful, and we love to see local men and women succeed while making a difference in the world.

For a look at what the Action Trackchair is capable of, take a look at the following video.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz9vutYMjuE?list=UUaRM-dAWFb30oFy3T0RjbzA]


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