Morgan’s Wonderland: a Theme Park for Kids of All Abilities

The word wonderland can spark many different ideas based on who is doing the dreaming about their wonderland.

For Texas residents, Wonderland could very likely mean a place that’s safe, clean, and free of economic barriers that all individuals can enjoy. This wonderland is, of course, Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, Texas.

The Concept for Wonderland

Morgan’s Wonderland is a special park where families, caregivers and individuals with disabilities can create memories together.

Created by philanthropist Gordon Hartman, Morgan’s Wonderland is a 25-acre park that opened in April 2010 and re-imagines inclusion by providing activities for all ranges of ability.

Hartman saw the need for this type of attraction after seeing his own daughter, Morgan, wanting to play with other children in a hotel swimming pool, but not being able to because of her own limitations. This realization led to the idea of creating a place where there would be both inclusion and understanding through activities that everyone, regardless of their limitations, could enjoy.

These activities now include a sensory village, a butterfly playground, the Wonderland Express, an amphitheater, an off-road adventure ride, a carousel, a fishing wharf, a pirate island playground, a walk and roll path, and even adaptive and wheelchair swings.

Wonderland’s Recognition

Morgan’s Wonderland, with it’s inclusion for all set-up, has been honored with multiple awards. One being the Universal Accessibility Design Award by United Cerebral Palsy, and another being three consecutive years of Certificate of Excellence Awards from Tripadvisor.

What Wonderland Can Do For You

While visiting Morgan’s Wonderland may not be possible for everyone, it’s a hope that more attractions like this one will be opening throughout the United States. Until then, though, Morgan’s Wonderland is open most weekends throughout the year, so families can bring their wheelchairs, wheelchair vans, and other assistive equipment to San Antonio and enjoy all that Wonderland has to offer!

For more information about Morgan’s Wonderland, you can visit their website here.

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