Ms. Wheelchair USA 2014: Yvette Pegues

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This past July, Yvettte Pegues from Georgia, was crowned Ms. Wheelchair USA for 2014-2015. Since then she has continued to change the world by spreading awareness for those with disabilities.

Not only is she this year’s Ms. Wheelchair USA, but she is also a wife, mother of two, a professional speaker, life coach and author. She is dedicated to using her testimony to make an impact on other’s lives.

Her Story

Prior to Yvette’s injury, she pursued multiple degrees, was hired at IBM after graduating with an IT degree, got married, and started her family. She also continued her schooling and graduated with an Early Childhood Education Degree. Things continued to fall into place as Yvette was pursuing her goals, but right after she interviewed at Harvard University for the chance to join the Ed. L. D. doctorate program, her life began to change.

She suffered from a traumatic brain injury and she lost the use of her legs. Since she became a brain injury survivor, she didn’t let it get in the way of her dreams and goals. Though she still had some fears and doubts, she has used this as an opportunity to be an advocate for others like herself and pursue her teaching goals.

Your Invisible Disability

As the Founder and President of her foundation, Your Invisible Disability, she is “helping people to adapt, achieve, and accelerate their BEST authentic life.”

She helps others with her teach, integrate, educate, and re-build (TIER) strategies.

She has also started a Legacy of Literacy, where she is traveling to teach children how to become junior authors in 90 days.

Take your wheelchair vans on a trip to one of her upcoming events and see how she is representing her community. Stay updated by visiting her fundraiser website here and learn more about her foundation here.

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