Why Not People – Events Platform Tailored for People with Disabilities

Roughly 1 in every 5 people are living with a disability in our world today, yet there are still many obstacles when it comes to accessibility. And, while there isn’t an issue when it comes to finding handicap vans for sale, one issue that is commonly overlooked is nightlife.

People with disabilities like to have fun just like anyone else, but unfortunately many venues do not have proper accommodations. Jameela Jamil, a well-known UK presenter for BBC’s Radio 1, was tired of these barriers that kept people with disabilities from enjoying live music and events. So, she came up with the concept of Why Not People, a members club and online platform for events built specifically for people with disabilities!

Jamil had her own experience living with a disability during her youth after she was involved in a serious car accident. She had damaged her spine to the point where doctors believed she may never walk again. Although she eventually recovered through physiotherapy, Jamil remembers feeling alienated, especially when it came to going out and having fun. “I found that there was nowhere for me to go to just go out and party,” Jamil said. “Nowhere where that I felt equal; nowhere that was made for people who needed just an extra helping hand without being treated like an alien or a burden.”

Why Not People is Jamil’s way of showing that people with disabilities should be able to enjoy all aspects of life. They will never again feel left out or separated from the crowd, but instead be right in the center of the action for concerts featuring top artists such as Coldplay and Ed Sheeran.

The club is only for people with disabilities, but members are able to purchase additional tickets so that their friends and family can join in on the fun! “Unity can only be a good thing,” says Jamil. “Why Not People ignores the notion of limits and discrimination and caters to all people for all walks of life.” But Why Not People is so much more than a place to buy tickets, it’s a unique social community where members can catch up with one another, coordinate transportation together, read personal styling tips and receive discounts at some of their favorite stores!

More importantly, however, Why Not People is breaking down barriers in the community and changing the way society views people with disabilities. It’s a change that Jamil says is long overdue. “It’s unbelievable that a company like this even needs to exist in this day and age,” she says in the video. “But if it has to start with us, so be it.”

Why Not People is currently only based in the UK, but we love this concept and wanted to share it with our community. Who knows, maybe it will catch on and come to the US?

Until then, please check out their Indiegogo Campaign Video and let us know what you think about the concept in the comments below!

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