Photographer Helps Boy with MD Live Out His Dreams

Every child has dreams.

Sometimes it’s grand dreams of going on great journeys or becoming famous.  Other times it’s as simple as dreaming of the day when they can skateboard or ride a bike without training wheels.

For a 12 year old boy named Luka, some of his dreams are to just do the things any other child his age does.

You see, Luka has a rather advanced case of muscular dystrophy, leaving him with the ability to move his hands and little else.  But despite limited mobility, he’s still a child at heart with the same desires as any other child.

In fact, Luka is an incredibly imaginative child.  And so, a photographer by the name of Matej Peljhan decided to team of with Luka and help make the boys dreams come true.

The Power of the Imagination

Matej took Luka’s ideas and with a little perspective trickery, turned them into a realty.

Together, they created a photo series called “The Little Prince” that portrayed Luka doing many of the activities he had always dreamed of doing.  No photoshopping was down.  All photos were done with a very clever use of props and position.

In the end, the pictures turned out beautifully and Luka was left very pleased with the whole experience.  In a statement sent to, photographer Matej had this to say about Luka:

“He is well aware of his fate but he doesn’t give in, either. He wants neither pity nor empathy but wants to stay positive and focused on the things in his life he can (still) do. He approaches all other activities he is, due to his handicapped body, unable to perform, in his own, witty way. Sometimes with the help of his imagination and virtual worlds where his creativity dashes to the sky and makes him forget his physical limitations and bonds.”

To see the rest of the photos, visit Matej Peljhan’s website by clicking here.

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