Planning a Wheelchair Accessible Vacation

When you have a physical disability, going on vacation can be a hassle.

It might not even sound like much a vacation.

But many destinations are becoming more accessible and are beginning to increase services for travelers who may need a wheelchair for mobility. Those who use a wheelchair do not have to be confined to the comfort of their wheelchair van at home in order to get places. Don’t let the stress of needing a wheelchair stop you from traveling and enjoying a vacation.

Here are a few wheelchair friendly vacation ideas:

Royal Caribbean Cruise

Royal Caribbean Cruise ships provide a number of services and accommodations for those who have disabilities.  Services include:

    • Early boarding
    • Buses and vans with lifts or ramp for cruise transfers
    • Boarding and departure assistance
    • Scooter access
    • One pool and whirlpool with lifts for each ship
    • Accessible blackjack tables in the casino
    • Accessible guest relations desk

Cruise ships also accommodate 180-degree turns for wheelchairs, automatic doors, and entrances with gradual inclines for all public rooms. They also have complimentary wheelchair assistance for embarkation and disembarkation.


London’s transportation system has many accommodations for those with disabilities. All buses and taxis have ramps for wheelchair users to get on and off. Most hotels and attractions have ramps as well. London has become one of the most wheelchair accessible cities in Europe.

Disney World

Disney World provides rental services for wheelchairs and electric conveyance vehicles. They also offer visitors with disabilities (including a selected number of visitors who are with them) to use a Disability Access Service Card, which allows visitors with mobile disabilities to skip attraction lines.

South African Wheelchair Tours

Epic Enabled offers wheelchair accessible safaris and tours in South Africa for travelers with disabilities in order to “Enable the Disabled” and get the chance to interact with wild animals of Africa.

Have you been on a vacation recently?  How accessible was it?  Share your stories below!

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