A Portable Exercise Solution for Wheelchair Users

Exercising is not always an easy or fun task to accomplish.

This is especially true for wheelchair users because adaptive exercise equipment can be bulky, expensive and often requires additional assistance from a helper or caregiver to use. Plus, if said user does a lot of traveling in their wheelchair van, the equipment cannot be taken with.

If only there was an easier solution to exercising…

A Use Anywhere Solution

Have you heard about the fitness solution called Kefty?

Kefty is a unique fitness solution that is looking to replace the bulky at-home gym products that are expensive and time consuming to put together.

Not only that, but it is light enough that it could be taken and used just about anywhere with ease.

What is Kefty?

Kefty, which stands for kinesthetic exerciser for transforming yourself, is a portable at-home exercise solution designed with wheelchair users in mind.

Kefty weighs in at only 4.4 pounds, and is small enough to be a portable exercise machine that is both safe and accessible, so nearly the entire population (98{4484a610ba12ad46baec767347073917e486819a83b2d744ced0feda89144e79}, in fact) can use it as a fitness solution.

How Does Kefty Work?

The solution uses a resistance bar that slides up and down two track bars. It can be used with a wheelchair by hooking to the back of the chair, or by being stabilized with the armrests and footrests of the chair.

The machine can be used for resistance exercises like the military press, chest press, ab crunch, fly press, and thy press.

Learn More About Kefty

To see the Kefty at-home solution in action, check out the video below:

Would an at-home solution like this be useful to you? Do you know anyone that’s use this product or another similar product? What was their experience like? Let us know in the comments below!

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