Reeve Foundation’s Walk to Victory over Paralysis

Research is the backbone of the paralysis community.

It’s the hope that someday paralysis won’t be a worry or an issue, because there will be treatments and cures.

But, until we get to the point where research has led to a solution, there will be ongoing fundraising to further research and technology.

That’s where organizations like, our handicap accessible vans partner, the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation come in.

The Walk to Victory over Paralysis

It was recently announced in the medical journal, Brain, that an epidural stimulation therapy for spinal cord injuries was successful for four men in the paralysis community.

On the heels of that announcement, the Reeve Foundation announced an upcoming 24 hour walkathon to raise funding to further studies such as this one.

The walk is happening July 19-20, 2014, at ten NeuroRecovery Network rehabilitation centers simultaneously. Included in those ten NRN centers is the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Minneapolis.

Other centers where the event is taking place include the Craig Hospital in Colorado, the Frazier Rehab Institute, and the Frazier Community Fitness and Wellness in Kentucky. Additionally, there are locations in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Utah, Illinois, and Ohio hosting walks.

Paving Way for the Future

The Reeve Foundation is hoping to raise $330,000 to benefit spinal cord injury treatment research and raise awareness about the importance of exercise after injury.

This, along with other events throughout the year, will assist the Reeve Foundation in continuing their mission: to help fund research efforts, and improve the lives of those living with spinal cord injuries and paralysis.

For more information about the Walk to Victory over Paralysis, check out the Reeve Foundation’s event page.

Are you participating in one of the Reeve Foundation’s events this year? If so, which one? Have you participated in one of their events in the past? If so, what was your experience like? Join the conversation below and let us know how you’re helping the paralysis community!

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