“Roll With Me” App for Wheelchair Users

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Introducing another app to assist wheelchair users in getting around without the extra hassle: “Roll With Me” app

As a regular CTA rider in Chicago, Mohammad Ouyoun, the developer of “Roll With Me”, found it difficult to get around and find routes that were wheelchair accessible. This led to his idea of creating an app to address this issue.

About The Developer: Mohammad Ouyoun

Mohammad Ouyoun was born 2 month premature and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth. Since his diagnosis, he has learned how to overcome his obstacles, which led to him taking advantage of his creativity and business skills and putting them to great use.

He is a great example for those with physical disabilities. He developed who he is today by developing a strong personality through the challenges he faced because of his physical disability.

Mohammad has a strong belief that people should be judged on the combination of their personality, work ethic and attitude towards life as a whole, not judged based on their disability or challenges they face.

“Roll With Me” App

Mohammad teamed up with Smart Chicago Collaborative, which is a group that uses city data to create apps for residential needs.

The free app he created called “Roll With me” riders that are wheelchair users to access transit directions that only include CTA stations with wheelchair accessible options. These options include elevators and/or wheelchair ramps and CTA buses, which all have ramps.

Luckily, out of the CTA’s 145 rail stations, 99 of them are wheelchair-friendly.

The “Roll With Me” app works by allowing users to put in their current location, destination and time they need to leave. Once this is all entered, the app looks up wheelchair-friendly routes with a list of CTA alerts that show which rail stations elevators are out of service.

So if you’re ever in Chicago and don’t have access to your wheelchair vans, you can download the “Roll With Me” app for wheelchair accessible routes!

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