Rollx Vans Buyer’s Guide: Full Sized Vans

full size wheelchair vans for sale

You’re looking at full size wheelchair vans for sale.  Maybe you’ve decided between new or used, maybe you haven’t.  That’s okay.  There’s another choice you can make before that.


Or Minivan.

There are certainly advantages to both, but ultimately it breaks down to what you need and want in your van.  So rather than compare and contrast the two directly, we thought we would break them down separately and show you what each has to offer.

From there the choice is yours.  This article will focus directly on full-sized vans.

Size Matters

A full-sized vans biggest draw is in its name.  It’s big. It has all the room you need and then some.

Full size wheelchair accessible vehicles offer a certain amount of accessibility and space you simply can’t get out of any other accessible vehicle (except maybe a bus).   Because of the size and options, a full-sized van is a more luxurious choice is some ways.

Our full-sized vans feature a side lift ramp that will take a chair right up into the van.  From there, the layout changes depending on the needs of the owner.  There are driver’s chairs that pivot 180 degrees to allow for the wheelchair user to drive.  Otherwise, there are options to have portions of the rear seats removed.  It all depends on what you need.

What are the Choices

In terms of new full-sized vans, you’ll find both Ford and Chevy vans available to you.  Both are quality product lines that have been around for decades.  However, after this year Ford will be discontinuing its famous “E” series of vans, long known as a staple in the full-sized van arena.

For used vans, you’ll see mostly Ford and Chevy still, though there are a few Dodge as well as GMC (though the GMC vans are identical to the Chevy).

Some of the used vans are conversion vans with raised roofs and cozier interior.  If you plan on spending a considerable amount of time in your full-sized van, a wheelchair accessible conversion van is the way to go.

What if I don’t Want a Full-Sized?

Then come back in a few days to read our breakdown of wheelchair minivans.  Or, if you don’t want a van at all, we recently started selling wheelchair accessible trucks.  Click here to see more on that!

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