Rollx Vans’ Buyer’s Guide: Wheelchair Minivans

wheelchair accessible minivans

While full-size wheelchair vans offer great space and comfort, wheelchair minivans are the most popular wheelchair vans by far.

Why are minivans so popular?

Honestly, they simply provide a number of advantages and choices that are superior to full-size vans.  Also, in many cases, full-size vans for handicap are simply more than a person needs.  And so, here’s the breakdown for wheelchair accessible minivans.

They’re Cheaper

Obviously a minivan is smaller than a full-size van, and so, it’s cheaper.  Not only is the van itself cheaper, but the conversion is a bit cheaper.  You also have more choices both in new and used, so it’s more likely that you will find a van that’s right in your budget.

More Choices

With a full-size van, it’s either going to be a Chevy/GMC or a Ford (though Ford is actually discontinuing its full-size van).

With minivans, you have Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, and Volkswagen.  If you’re looking at used vans, there’s even more options.  These vans are all quite different aesthetically speaking, and handle a bit differently.  One isn’t necessarily “better” than the other, but a certain brand of minivan is more likely to meet your personal taste than the others are.

That’s the beauty of our minivans.  There really are a lot of options to choose from.


Minivans are a very practical vehicle.  They’re small enough to fit in garages or parking spots, but open enough to give you all the space and headroom you need.  They also get respectable gas mileage and tend to be incredibly reliable vehicles.

And with sliding doors on both sides, a nice big hatch door on the rear, they’re about as accessible as a vehicle can get.

What Minivan is Right for Me?

A lot of choosing a minivan comes down to personal preference.  Browse our inventory to view all sorts of pictures or give us a call and we’ll give you all of the information you could ever want.

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